Securus Technologies Video Visitation: Enhancing Institutional Security

One of the ways in which the security of a correctional institution can be dangerously disrupted is via the inmate visitation process. Every day in correctional facilities on the federal, state, and local levels, contraband is being smuggled into institutions via inmate visitation with family members and friends.


The introduction of drugs, mobile phones, and other articles renders a correctional facility less safe for all involved. This includes inmates, correctional officers, and other staff members.


One methodology that is becoming more widely utilized as a means of lessening the threats to safety and security posed by traditional face-to-face visitation is the Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution. Through Securus Technologies Video Visitation, inmates can have meaningful visitation with their loved ones without the inherent threat to institutional safety and security that always potentially exists when inmates have direct contact with people from the proverbial outside world.


Another reason why Securus Technologies Video Visitation renders correctional institutions safer rests in the reality that this type of solution is far less expensive than traditional visitation. Traditional visitation requires the necessity of a great deal of costly staff-power to carry out. The devotion of significant amounts of staff time to the visitation process occurs whether inmate visits are face-to-face or within the facility using a phone and camera system.


With Video Visitation, inmate visitors need not submit to the staff time draining process of physical screening. If traditional visits are of the face-to-face derivation, staff time is not expended on correctional officers supervising the actual visiting process.


The cost to an institution of an in-person inmate visit is thought to be about $100 per session. On the other hand, with the Securus Technologies Video Visitation process, the cost per visit drops to a meager $2.72 per session. This permits a notable reduction of spending on visitation needs, money which can be redirected to another necessary institutional safety and security needs.


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