Six Key Ways to Get Parents Involved in Education

Experts in school-parent involvement look at six broad categories. Schools play a vital role in establishing expectations. Let’s take a look at possibilities in each category.

Communicating with parents on a regular basis, providing information about progress, promotes educational goals. Many teachers take advantage of the free app from ClassDojo using the secure network to connect with parents.

Volunteering for in school participation projects gets parents to visit schools. Enlist and engage parents in student projects or school activities.

Parenting well requires information on childhood developmental stages. Schools can foster learning-friendly home environments with content from ClassDojo and the Big Ideas video series, to provide continuity between home and school.

Learning at homerequires parents to monitor and help with homework. When parents are aware of at-home learning goals they can work with educators to empower students. Expectations can be communicated through the use of social-network communications platforms and the use of the ClassDojo student portfolios and profiles.

Decision-making advisory panels and other PTA-style committees or organizations include families as partners and build community buy-in for a positive learning culture.

Community collaboration strategies involve two-way outreach. Support for ground-up change is built through listening to the needs and working to solve issues together.

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ClassDojo approaches educational technology in a way that embodies these goals. Their team of expert educators, engineers and designers work together to provide community-based growth mindset solutions for parents, teachers and students in today’s schools.  For more additional articles, hit

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