The Humble Beginnings of Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a figure that is unknown in most of the households. He is not found making speeches on the television as the politicians do. However, Tony Petrello is one of the most prominent figures in the US. Tony Petrello is a representation of those people who are never thanked despite the impact they have made.

Tony Petrello used to be a top-paid CEO in the US. He was able to earn more than 68 million dollars with Nabors Industries in the year 2014. Nabors Industries is a leading company in the industry of oil and natural gas. This success level inspires envy and admiration at the same time. Those who know him can testify to him being an honest man who deserves everything he has earned. He has a moral code based on fairness and respect. His success mostly comes from how he treats other individuals. He has been able to create thousands of jobs for people from his conduct.

The success of Anthony Petrello was not just handed to him. He, like most of the great leaders in the world, did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up in an Italian neighborhood found in Newark. It was a community for the working class families. People in Newark do not just live a normal life of normal errands. The communities there face a lot of hardships. What stands out, however, is the fact that they have a strong work ethic and honor. Each member of the community will collaborate to make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of. They reward hard work and shun all forms of dishonest ways. These are qualities that were deeply instilled in Anthony.

When in school, Petrello was always impressive. He faced competition from some of the best undergraduate scholars. However, he proved to be a genius that the people in his community thought he was. Serge Lang, a mathematical theorist, saw the brilliance that Petrello had. Therefore, Petrello helped him in his work on number theory. They worked through complicated proofs that most students in the university could not understand.

Tony and his wife Cynthia had a daughter in the late 1990s. Unfortunately, she had cerebral palsy. She wasn’t able to eat solid foods until she was seven years old. Tony wanted to help other children who also have neurological problems. Therefore, he donated a hefty amount of money to the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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