The Ideal Sanitation Solution From Felipe Montoro Jens

The government made an announcement that it would be making concessions by partnering with BNDES. This is to ensure that there will be improved sanitation in Brazil. The services which will be provided will be aimed at ascertaining that there have been improvements in the resource areas, structures and also the entire management. Thus ensuring that there is a decrease in the levels of waste, something which Mr. Felipe is concerned about.


The head of Trata Brasil, Mr. Edison Carlos did point out that the basic Brazil sanitation has over 90% of the services being conducted by the public power; however, only 70% of these users are being served by state organizations. According to him, the availability of the private sector should not be a reason for excluding the public; however, the collaboration of both the private and public sectors can work flawlessly in a complementary manner.


The government bodies will be aimed at providing the necessary experience which can be attained through leveraging most companies into a partnership. BNDES, on the other hand, will be focused on coming up with professionally customized plans for each state being served. This can be achieved by conducting surveys which will provide detailed information about the situations of most locations. More so, it will be a solution towards finding a remedy for the loss of water which deteriorates the sanitation.


Felipe Montoro Jens


Being a reputable finance professional, Mr. Felipe is aimed at ascertaining that the stocks and money of his clients have been well secured. This will give the clients satisfaction that they will always attain impeccable services at all times.


Nonetheless, Mr. Felipe also specializes in infrastructure, thus making him keen on the current developments all over, the most recent being the partnership of BNDES with the government of Brazil. Through this, he does believe there will be a remedy to the wastes being attained thus improving sanitation.


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