Wengie Hair Hacks for the Lazy and Stylish


Wengie’s last video on hair hacks was so popular that she decided to wow her fans with another one. To show her appreciation, Wengie also announced a meet and greet and a giveaway.


Wengie suggests using Sugarbearhair multivitamins along with a healthy diet to give you thick, shiny hair. Keep your shampoo sulfate-free, especially if you have colored hair. When your roots do start to show, part your hair at a zig-zag to hide the growth and cover it with a cute headband.


Wengie’s adorable pull-out braid is so straightforward that she only needs elastics and clips, and for her iron-free curls, all she needs is a hot fork. If you want trendy mini-braids without using clunky bands, Wengie shows you how to hold a braid with just a bobby pin.


For on-the-go girls with messy makeup tables, Wengie suggests using Tic Tac boxes or magnetic strips for storage. When she’s running late, Wengie props open a drawer to hold her hair dryer so she can do her makeup at the same time. Wengie also suggests lining the inside of a large hair clip with hot glue. When the glue dries, it will act as a rubber grip to hold your hair in place.


For her final hair hack, Wengie introduces an easy messy bun. She cuts the toe part off a sock then rolls it into a band. By rolling a ponytail in it, the socks helps to create a tight, messy bun that will stay in all day.


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