Wengie Has Great Hair Hacks

Australian beauty vlogger Wengie has just released a new hack video that features lazy hair hacks for people that want style without a great deal of effort She starts by pointing out an important part of having healthy hair is having the right diet. You can also use hair supplements to fill any gaps in your diet. Next, she shows a quick hair hack that takes only five minutes. Separate hair into four sections and then split the top section into two pieces and wrap around the one underneath. Pull sections apart slightly to give volume.



She goes on to mention that you need to avoid sulfates in your shampoo because they can damage your hair and destroy and expensive dye job. She also suggests using a Tic Tac container to hold your bobby pins, or you can put a magnetic strip on an organizer to help you keep track of them. Some other useful hacks include using your drawer to hold your hairdryer so you can multitask, using an eating utensil that has been heated by your hair dryer to curl your hair, and finally using a cut sock to roll your ponytail up into a perfect messy bun.


Wengie has millions of viewers and subscribers to her Youtube channel. Her Instagram account is also incredibly popular as well. Her fun, colorful, and practical hacks and tutorials are what have made her one of the most popular social media stars today.

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