What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo: Taking Away Students Excuses

ClassDojo is a communication platform designed with school administrators, teachers, students and parents in mind. It can be thought of as a social media designed for all things school related. This way, no student will have an excuse that they didn’t know when a paper was due, or parents forgetting when meetings with school staff are going to happen. If the school has to be closed for reasons such as weather at a moment’s notice, then it becomes much easier with ClassDojo. The app has become so popular that it is now used in over 90% kindergarten to 8th-grade class levels and close to 180 countries worldwide!

ClassDojo was started in 2011 with a Beta version of the app. Two years later they released an Android version. From the very outset, the app was a phenomenal success as it garnered nearly 3.5 million users within the first year of its launch. In 2013 the app became available for non-English languages.

The way how it is used is simple. Teachers first register and get an account which is free. Once the teacher has access to the app they can create online classes by inviting their students. This is done when the teacher gives the student an access code. After the student has set up their app they can then customize it to suit their needs. Online activities include being able to see their progress, grades and anything else relevant to their education. Teachers can also invite parents who then set up their Class Dojo app to see how their children are progressing.

The main platform will be kept free for teachers. And the app has already gone on to receive recognition and awards from major news outlets, such as NBC’s Today Show which gave it the Education Innovation Award. The founders of ClassDojo Liam Don and Sam Choudhary was listed in Forbes “30 under 30: Education” in 2012.

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